i always smile see that picture… Thanks you (*^▽^*)
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Mayuyu is really cool in this show… 
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Kawaei Rina G+ 2014/04/14

明日も撮影頑張りまーす☆Tomorrow too I’ll do my best for the shooting ☆おやすみ!Good night!
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Takahashi Minami Fan Report 西武ドーム 140413
Fan: Hey, isn't it about time to make some progress?
Takamina: Huh? What? With Atsuko?
Fan: Eh? No one said Atsuko lol
Takamina: Because you like Atsuko
Fan: Huh? Are you jealous, Minami-san? lol
Takamina: I'm jealous because I was with her first!
Fan: But that was?
Takamina: Unrequited...
Fan: lol
Fan: Atsuko.
Takamina: No way no way
Fan: Hey don't be shy.
Takamina: It's just a bit
Fan: No, you're being shy. It's about time you follow Kojiyuu as an example.
Takamina: Nooo. Isn't that lovey-dovey? Mm-hmm.
Fan: That's what fans are hoping for. See you~
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(Pre-order) AKB48’s 37th Single Senbatsu Election Voting Tickets
My apology to those who have been waiting for this post. I finally have everything figured. I have to set 2 different prices this year and am going to give priority to my return buyers so please read carefully. 
- 8USD per voting ticket for 200 tickets, 10USD thereafter + Paypal fee(*).
- 3USD per random theater photo + shipping & Paypal fee. You can specific what team or group you prefer but I can’t guarantee that I can comply.
- CDs are FREE for any voting ticket or theater photo order + shipping & Paypal fee. I still have a lot of Sayonara Crawl theater CDs from last year for FREE too. You can check on shipping cost [here].
- Until 11AM April 14th (JST) accept orders from return buyers only.
- From 1PM April 14th to 1PM April 27th (JST) accept orders from everyone.
- Payments have to be made within 24 hours after orders confirmed.
- Voting codes will be sent via email 7 - 10 days after release date May 21st. Voting tickets will be sent later if ask and you’ll pay for shipping. If I fail to send you voting codes before voting period ends you’ll get full refund. Read Paypal Purchase Protection.
- Photos and/or CDs will be sent after June 10 from Vietnam or after July 2nd from Canada.
- To order please email to following the format below:
Subject: AKB48 6th General Election Voting TicketsContent: No. of tickets: how many voting tickets do you need?No. of CDs: how many copies do you want? No. of Photos: how many? What’s your preferred team or group?Country: where are you from?Return buyer: have you bought from me before? YES or NO. Don’t have to include this after 11AM April 14th.
(*) Please note, Paypal fee is 3% + 30 cent for Canada/USA and 4% + 30 cent for International.
- For those whose want to get your oshi(s) theater photo I’ll take pre-order for that later. If I get them from the CDs that I’ll order you’ll get 20% ~ 50% discount compare to average market price. And if you get it with these Sayonara Crawl theater photos that I have the discount is as follow:
Senbatsu (1~16): 20% OFFUndergirls (17~32): 25% OFFNext Girls (33~48): 30%OFFFuture Girls (49~64): 40% OFFUnranked Girls: 50% OFF
For your information, theater CDs can only get from Chara-ani by lottery and it’s accepting applications right now for 1028Yen (tax incl) per copy + 500Yen domestic shipping. You can choose between for a CD with 1 handshake ticket + 1 theater photo OR a CD with 2 photos.
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