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秋元康 2014-09-22 10:47:29 #1118  川栄がドラマの現場から、笑顔を送ってくれました。みんなでドラマを観ようね。頑張れ。  ってか、川栄、髪の毛ボサボサじゃないか?  そんな飾らない川栄がいいね。
She sent him a photo from the new drama set this morning.. I hope she is ok after what happened yesterday.. Seeing the eye bags, looks like she cried :(, nevertheless, today she is smiling. I hope these dumb fans won’t hurt my girl again :(
He also posted this
Aki-p: Ricchan has revived! It’s been worrying after that line exchange, I guess everyone’s encouraging words has reach her. It could also be just be another put-on-cheeriness on her part. I am asking everyone to watch over her in the long term.

   cr: リズ@不器用
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Member Profiles: AKB48 Kojima Natsuki (General Information)




Birthdate: March 8th, 1995

Generation: AKB48 11th Generation

Status: AKB48 Team A

Catchphrase: なっつんがあなたに懐いちゃうぞ。19歳のなっつんこと小嶋菜月です Nattsun ga anata ni natsui chauzo. 19sai no Nattsun koto Kojima Natsuki desu (Nattsun will…

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[Janken Tournament Guidebook 2014 - Members’ Interviews] - Kizaki Yuria and Kawaei Rina


I’m glad I could finish this before tomorrow’s Tournament :)
Don’t miss this one, really X°D

These two and all the thing about their decisive match are so funny!

The destined 2 in a direct match for the Janken Tournament.
Discussion between the top dumb members.

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